Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Yakima

The day after Christmas we went to Yakima to visit Joe's family. We had a great time catching up with everyone. The kids opened more presents, which they loved. Our friend's from Seattle drove over one day to visit. They have cute twin girls, and a little boy who just learned to walk. We went to see the wild elk who come to get a winter snack in the valley and ate Mexican food.


Christmas was really fun and incredibly hectic. We had our traditional Vaterlaus Christmas Eve at my grandpa's house where we ate dinner, sang Christmas carols, and opened presents. It was so nice to see most of the fam, especially before 2 of my siblings and one cousin leave on their missions.

Christmas morning was fun, but kind of a blur. The kids had fun opening presents after presents, and Hayes was relieved that Santa still came "even though we were naughty." Hmmm. That night we went for Chinese food in the vein of The Christmas Story "Fa ra ra ra ra."

Sibling Dates

For Christmas this year my brothers, sisters, Joe, and I drew names and instead of getting each other presents we took each other on "dates." there were some really cute ideas. Joe and Max went tubing at Bogus Basin and to a taco truck. Alex and Mitch went to hot yoga and got granola. Alex got me some books on the Teton Dam (my thesis topic) and is going to take me to the museum when I make it out to eastern Idaho. Clare is taking Joe go-cart racing. Etc.

I took my sister Emily to get a festive holiday manicure. We picked the colors, but the ladies who were working on our nails suggested some nail art, and started to add gems, snow men, christmas trees, and stars. It was pretty appalling, but what can you do.

After that I made Emily lunch while we watched Gilmore Girls. So fun!

Las Vegas Bowl

My dad, two of my brothers, Joe, and I drove down to Vegas to go to the BSU vs. Utah game.

This was my first time in Las Vegas and it was so fun. The night before the game we went to the pep rally at the Fremont Experience where all the old neon signs are. It was packed with fans, bands, cheerleaders, and dancers. I did make friends with a Utah tuba player, which was nice... Sin City was full of Bronco fans and Utes. We were exchanging either cheers or words with strangers on the street.

We went sight-seeing that night and it was beautiful. We went and saw the fountain at the Bellagio, and went through NY, NY. The next day my brothers and I screened a new TV show and offered our TV watching expertise to an offshoot of Criminal Minds.

Game time: the first quarter and a half was unpleasant. The Broncos could not get moving. I was freaking out. Once the team started scoring it was awesome. The Broncos pulled out the win, and we only started one fight after the game so it a total success.

I love Las Vegas. The palm trees, warm weather, the food, and the lights. I have to go back!