Sunday, August 26, 2012


Joe and I went to the hospital at 7 a.m. to be induced on Thursday Aug 16, with the assurance that we would probably be holding our new born sometime that afternoon.  The nurse asked what our birth plan was and I said "baby out" and "epidural."  We sat around for hours waiting for things to start happening.  I watched hours of quality day time programming on TLC.  Joe started a baby pool asking friends and family to guess the time of the birth and the weight of the baby.  The latest time was 10:30, by which time I assumed I would already be asleep.  We had a great nurse whose shift was from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  When she left after 12 hours and I was only dilated to 4 cm, I realized things were not necessarily going the way I anticipated.  
Our next nurse realized something was amiss when she kept trying to find the baby's heartbeat.  An ultrasound showed that the baby was head down, but facing straight up which may have been why labor progressed so slowly.  I finally had dilated enough to push, so the doctor was called.  When he arrived we realized that although I definitely had the urge to push the cervix just wouldn't dilate enough to allow the baby's head out.  I then proceeded to try several agonizing hours of trying different positions and enduring several attempts by the doctor to vacuum baby's head out.  I had to fight the whole time to not push, which was horrible.  The nurse kept saying things like "this is not how I saw this going" and "this is not how I planned to spend my night."  I was torn between laughing at her cluelessness and wanting to slap her.  Finally, the doctor gave me 30 minutes to try and get the baby to turn and then proceeding to a c-section.  We waited out the longest 30 minutes ever, and then realized this little dude was not coming out.  The doctor said we may never know why he could not come out the usual route.  
I went in for the c-section, and as soon as the incision was made, everyone in the room went "Oh."  The cord was wrapped around and under both of his shoulders and around his neck.  There was no way he was ever coming out having tangled himself up pretty tightly.  At first glance he was huge with enormous hands.  8lbs. 8 oz and 21 inches long.  Our biggest baby yet and a week early.  I was surprised to see my mom in the recovery room at 1 a.m. but I am glad she came.  I was so shaky and out of it I could not actually hold baby boy for awhile.  Joe and I finally settled on a name after months of debate: Joseph Pierce Deaver.
 Poor, little cone head had a huge bruise on his head from the vacuuming attempts.

 This is what hours of labor and various drugs makes you look like.
 Big Brother!
 Big Sister!
 The kids...and mom still looking out of it in the back ground.
 Finally going home from the hospital on Monday (had to spend an extra night so that Pierce could work on his tan and knock out his jaundice in the bilirubin box).

Still torn about which is a harder recovery, c-section or vaginal birth.  The doctor promised me I could have a VBAC next time.  I was like, "next time...ha, ha, ha."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dog Days

 Summer has been extremely hot this year!  Obviously blogging has not been a major priority lately, but staying cool has.  We have had fun at the "splash-down" park.  Having a pool in our complex has been great!  The kids both took a month's worth of swimming lessons and are now going to give Missy Franklin and Michael Phelps a run for their money.  They actually literally line up at the edge of the pool, slap their chests and backs like little Olympians, and race across the pool.  It is pretty funny.

 Hayes did a week long tee ball camp.  He is great at hitting fielding and hitting, but hitting was his favorite.
 Madison did a cheerleading camp for a week where she learned a cheer, dance, "pyramid building," and "voice projection."  She was already proficient at voice projection, but excelled at the cheering as well.

 Grandpa Bret took us boating a couple of times, and Madison and Hayes both tried the tubes.

Joe did a weight loss competition in Boise starting in January.  He worked out like crazy and did some portion control and lost around 80 lbs.  He ended up taking fifth place, which was really exciting.  We celebrated by hitting a Brazilian grill afterward, he was pretty hungry.
Joe may have lost weight, but the scale has continued to creep up for me.  I am 39 weeks along now and measuring 40.  I am ready to ditch the heartburn and swollen feet.  Baby is coming VERY soon, so we celebrated with a trip to Red Robin and a couple of rounds of miniature golf.

Oh!  And Hayes got glasses.  They make him look like a little genius.  He has an astigmatism which will hopefully correct itself if he wears the glasses for a couple months.