Wednesday, February 23, 2011

McCall Winter Carnival

A couple of weekends ago Joe and the kids went up to McCall for the Winter Carnival there. I was in class all day for 3 days learning about the environmental history of the Civil War so I stayed in Boise. They stayed at my Grandpa's cabin there for the weekend and had a fun time in the snow. They checked out the snow sculptures, rode some rides at the carnival, and saw the fireworks over the lake. I had a blast reading articles and writing a book review...yeah, not really, but maybe I can go next year!

Hayes turned 4...a month ago!

Hayes is four now! He wanted a Bronco birthday party (which I encouraged). We found Bronco cupcake papers at the Bronco store and made blue and orange cupcakes that have the Boise State fight song written on them. We had a fun party at my parent's house where all of my brothers and sisters and some of my cousins came. And yes, he has a mohawk in this picture, it has since been shaved off.

Girl's Night

So it has been forever since I blogged...anything. School has been SO busy. Since my last post my sister Clare and brother Max have both shipped-out to the MTC (on the same day). Before they left Clare and I had a last girl's night and yes we did go to a Boise State-Utah State basketball game. If you had told me that Clare and I would be going to a college basketball game for fun, I would not have believed you. We had a blast even though Utah State won (Clare went to USU so actually she was excited). She ended up sitting next to a guy who loves BSU and he was mad that he got stuck with a USU fan right next to him, until Clare won a BSU shirt and gave it to him. He was so excited and nice after that, it was hilarious.