Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I was utterly convinced...

...that it was a GIRL but found out yesterday that it is a BOY! I am still in shock. I have only been thinking of girl names, looking at girl clothes, and planning for a girl. I have never been so surprised! Everything looks good and we are measuring slightly ahead of schedule. Just 19 more weeks to go...so excited!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We had a fun Easter weekend. We dyed Easter eggs with Grandma on Saturday (as in my mom dyed easter eggs with the kids). All the aunts an uncles came for the weekend and we had a good time with them. Madison and Hayes loved their new Easter clothes and really enjoyed dressing up for the day. After church we went to my grandpa's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt. The weather was so nice and that definitely made the whole experience more fun.

30 Dam Years

For my birthday (which was about a month ago), Joe threw me an awesome birthday party to celebrate the great milestone in my life. The theme was "dams" and he commissioned an awesome cake to look just like a dam. My brothers and sisters took time away from their jobs and college to come for the occasion and I had a lot of friends show up. It was pretty awesome! The cake also tasted pretty dam good. O 30, I am getting so old.