Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pohm School Field Trip

Last weekend Liz (SVU college roommate and friend-but that may be stretching it, J/K Liz) paid us a visit in Seattle. We had a whirlwind of adventures and were able to "catch-up." We got into Crush, a top Seattle restaurant, and got to participate in their tasting menu ($30 for 3 courses). Each course just got better and better, but the chocolate they gave us with the bill that contained Pop Rocks, was probably the most innovative. We hit Pike's Place market with the kids, and that was an adventure. The produce stands were gorgeous with the farm-fresh wares that all looked so good. Their were also a couple of stands crammed full of bouquets of flowers, which seemed like an unnecessary extravagance, but eventually I caved and bought $5 bouquet of oranges, yellows, and reds. We had a lunch of donuts that were pretty delicious and then headed to the waterfront park and Olympic Sculpture Park. The sculptures were impressive, the weather was beautiful, and we got great views of the Puget Sound.
The next day we took the ferry to the peninsula. While there we went to Fort Worden and went out on the beach. Liz and the kids really enjoyed playing in the sand. We could see Canada (it didn't look like they were up to anything, but you never really know). After that we got ice cream in Port Townsend and walked around the little shops.
Sunday night Mary came over and we really had an SVU reunion going. It was really fun to talk and hang out. Finally Liz had to go home and I think she took all of our sunshine because it is GONE. It has rained every day since she left! Thanks for coming out Liz!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fan Appreciation Night

Last Friday night we went to Fan Appreciation night at Safeco Field. This was Hayes' first Mariner's game, and I think he wouldn't mind going again. We got a bag of peanuts and he was in heaven. The game was not very good (it was kind of boring and we lost), but we did have fun.

Whidbey Island Weekend

Two weekends ago (?) we took the Mukilteo ferry over to Whidbey Island for the weekend. We had a blast and the weather was pretty nice. We stopped at a kid's festival on the southern part of the island, which the kids loved. They got all kinds of free stuff, and got to do a bunch of fun things like play drums, go down big slides, and play with bubbles. It was definitely a hit. We went to Deception Pass State Park, and played on the beach for awhile (alright, I read), and then toured the bridge that connects Whidbey Island to another one. At Fort Casey they were having a kite festival so we went to check that out, and it was impressive. I had no idea that people did competitive flying to music (it was like couple's ice skating or something) it was pretty cool. Madison and Hayes also got to make and fly their own kites too! We definitely had a great trip.

Last Day of Summer

To celebrate a beautiful Seattle day and the last day of summer we went to our favorite park (Carkeek) for some beach time. The kids played for hours while I was able to lounge in the sand and read in the sunshine! A perfect afternoon.