Sunday, July 18, 2010

The 4 1/2 Miler

Yesterday we ventured into the Boise National Forest near Lowman, and did a hike. I found the hike on the internet, and on several sites it was ranked as an easy hike and great for kids. I would have ranked it as moderate, and not necessarily for kids as young as ours. Nevertheless, it was great, everyone made it, and had fun.

We basically climbed a mountain. We followed Clear Creek most of the way up, and forded it a couple of times. We saw all kinds of wildflowers and trees, and a couple of chipmunks and birds. The kids did surprisingly well. There were no tears until the final tenth of a mile to the top. We were excited to finally summit (we climbed 1300 feet at least), especially because we knew the way back to the car was all downhill! Hayes remarked to me that he likes hiking, but he never wants to do this particular hike again. Fair enough.

Friday, July 16, 2010

MIA Blogger

We have been in the process of moving for the last month or so. The kids and I left Joe in Seattle for three weeks to take Step 1 of the med school board exams while we moved into our new place in Boise.
We are finally (mostly) settled, Joe is here, and we are loving it. It feels like real summer here, and it is sunny! I think I made up all my missing vitamin D in the first day.
We have been busy enjoying the season. We have had visitors: various aunts and uncles, and of course Liz to keep us company. We have been going on little hikes, swimming in our new pool, riding bikes and scooters, and staying up way too late. Here are some shots from the 4th of July. We did fireworks at my uncle's house where the kids decided they needed to use a little hearing protection. We seriously had a great time with the fireworks, and it is so fun to have so many friends and relatives here.
Joe is doing his first rotation in Family Medicine and is enjoying finally getting to work with actual patients. And, no homework when he comes home at night! I wish it could be summer all the time!