Sunday, October 2, 2011


Last weekend we went camping in McCall. The weather was great (it was a little cold one night, but probably only for me). We had a campfire, made s'mores, cooked in the dutch oven, took scenic drives, hiked, and toured McCall. And then we did like 5 loads of laundry when we got home.

Thunder Mountain Railroad

One Saturday in September we rode the Thunder Mountain Line from Horseshoe Bend to Banks. The train is from the 1940s and we picked the perfect day to ride in the open-air car and enjoy the scenery of the Payette River. It was a great Saturday afternoon activity!

Back to School...6 weeks ago...

We are all happy that we are back in school again! Madison started first grade this year and she is enjoying it. She is part of the classical program where she started learning history. She has been working on Latin words, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the beginning of the Jewish nation. She just got a 100% on her spelling test (and they are seriously hard!). She likes to read and is a math genius!

Hayes is in his last year of preschool. He is addicted to puzzles and loves to help Madison with her spelling (she does not like it). He is excited for school this year because his BFF Annie is in his class this year. They like to do play dates after school. He also decided that he needed a faux hawk this semester to emulate his uncles.

I am enjoying this semester. I got all my thesis research done this summer and started writing. I have been trying to turn out a chapter (about 20 pages) every 2 weeks. I have 2 done chapters so far and it is going great. I am TA-ing again in Western Civ II (4th time through the class!). I am taking a class on World Explorers which is pretty interesting too. The books on the table picture is what our kitchen table looks like most nights.

Joe just finished a month of cardiology and is now doing dermatology. He has an application to 30 residency programs in so we are waiting to hear about interviews. He has just enough time to go golfing every week and play basketball.