Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day

As previously mentioned, we are getting a TON of snow here in Seattle. They don't plow or shovel, so you really cannot go anywhere when it snows and the city shuts down. Church was canceled for us today, so we ventured out into the whirling snow.

We made a snow man in our side yard, and it took about ten minutes to make, literally. The snow was perfect for a snow man, and Hayes was so excited because we have been reading about Frosty, and James and his snow man.

We also tried some snow angels and a little bit of snowball fighting. Hayes decided he wanted to go in after about forty-five minutes, I think that all snow was too much for his little legs to try and maneuver. Hayes and Madison topped off the night with The Grinch, while Joe and I packed for our attempt to flee Seattle tomorrow for the plowed streets of Yakima! Wish us luck!

Early Christmas

We are going to Yakima and Boise for Christmas and did not want to have to haul all of our gifts, so we had an early Christmas celebration. We had Santa stop by Friday morning, and opened presents. We are snowed in (it's not supposed to snow in Seattle) and stuck at home (they don't plow the streets all...because it is not supposed snow in Seattle) so we bumped it up from Saturday to Friday so we could play with our presents.

The kids were pretty excited. Madison got a doctor's kit and has been administering vaccines. Hayes got some Bob the Builder tools, but he liked the orange bow on one of his presents better than anything else. Now we are trying to maintain our Christmas spirit, even though it feels like it is over already for us!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Kicking Off Christmas

We are kicking off the holiday season and embracing Joe's recent freedom from school (today)! Madison, Hayes, and I decorated the Christmas tree, and Hayes has only destroyed two ornaments since it has been up!

Last night we went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens for Holiday D'Light. The gardens were covered with twinkle lights formed into trees, animals, plants, flowers, and insects. It was pretty incredible. We had fun walking around and taking in the lights.

This afternoon we decorated some Christmas cookies. I have done some cooking decorating with the kids before so I knew what to expect (or not to expect) but this was a first for Joe. I think he was stressed at first, but got into it. Madison loved putting a lot frosting on the cookies, and Hayes preferred very little frosting, but heavy on the sprinkles.

More adventures to come as we enjoy a full week of vacation time!

Little Angels

Over the last week or so Madison and Hayes have actually started to play together. It is the miracle I have been waiting for! The other day they occupied themselves for about and hour and a half...playing Library in Hayes' room. No fighting, no whining, no cry for attention. I seriously did not even know what to do with myself! So I took a picture of it to record this memory forever.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Something to Add Some Holiday Cheer to your Day

Joe created this little music video, and if you like it you should be able to create one for yourself! Let me know if you do because they are hilarious.