Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation + New Accessories

Madison graduate from kindergarten on Friday. Hayes and I went to an award's assembly for her that morning where she was honored with the "Kinesthetic Excellence" award (not totally clear on what this implies). Later we went to her graduation where her class sang some songs and her teacher read aloud the kid's favorite things about kindergarten and what they wanted to be when they grow up. Madison liked field trips and wants to be a swimming instructor. The end of school always makes me so sad (not because I can't handle having the kids home all day...well, that might be part of it) because Madison had such a great experience this year with one of the best teachers and good friends. She is reading now and is awesome at math. Her teacher said that she has far exceeded kindergarten expectations which is really exciting!

Yesterday Joe took the kids shoe shopping while I put some quality thesis research time in and brought Madison home with newly pierced ears. I had no idea they were sneaking off to do that! She got little pink earrings that are her birthstone. She looks cute!

IMA Conference in Victor, Idaho

A couple of weekends ago we went to Victor, Idaho which is near the Wyoming border. Joe is on the board of directors for the Idaho Medical Association (which makes him a big deal), so they paid for us to go stay at a REALLY nice resort while Joe went to board meetings. This area was so beautiful. We could see the Teton Mountains, and the resort was surrounded by deer and little lakes. One day we did a nature walk with a naturalist who talked about the geology and wild life in the area, which the kids enjoyed. We met doctors from all over Idaho who were all really nice to us. It was definitely a great little weekend trip!

Zoo + Preschool Graduation

Hayes recently had a field trip to the Zoo with his preschool class. The day we went was pretty chilly and windy. We had some fun though. He fed the giraffe some lettuce (actually he freaked out at the last minute when he saw its huge purple tongue, and I fed the giraffe some lettuce).

2 weeks ago he had his preschool graduation where his class sang some songs and had a little program for us. Some of his friends are moving on to kindergarten next year, which made him realize that he didn't actually graduate. This made him mad enough that he came home and cut up his diploma. I guess there is always next year...