Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Happy Thanksgiving Back"

After the treasure hunt some of us went to the shooting range on the ranch to hunt down some clay pigeons. Things are setup so that clay pigeons can fly out from every conceivable angle. I actually was pretty awesome considering I have not fired a gun in a long time. Joe was pretty good too, this was only his second time.

After the shooting we had a good Thanksgiving dinner and then collapsed into a Turkey coma (pictured below). Later that night the cousins, brothers, sisters, and even my grandparents played Apples to Apples which ended up being hilarious.

The Thanksgiving weekend was topped off with Boise State's triumphant win over Fresno State. Here's hoping for a BCS bowl game for the Broncos, my Christmas wish for the year!

Max, Emily, Me, Clare, and Mitch (all my brothers and sisters, with the exception of Alex who is on his mission in Iowa).

Mitch and Cousin Bryan playing Apples to Apples.

Cousins Spencer, Maggie and Jill playing Apples to Apples.

Hayes and Madison enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner.

Over the River and Through the Woods

For Thanksgiving the fam and I traveled to Sandpoint, Idaho to meet assorted family members from my dad's side of the the family at my Aunt Vicki and Uncle Marc's ranch. The ranch is beautiful! I really love that part of Idaho.

Thanksgiving morning we split up into teams and had a treasure hunt. We drove around the extensive trails and roads that cut through the property on John Deere Gators and Suzuki "Scarrys." We had so much fun driving around like maniacs looking for the clues. Pictured left is my team: me, my brother Max, my sister Emily, and my cousin Bryan. We consider ourselves the winners of this challenge!

My brother Mitch in a "Scarry."

Me driving a "Scarry" on the hunt. I think Emily is scared for her life. We opted for the "Scarry over the Gator because it is enclosed and heated!

Emily's driving this times, so not so scary.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recent Activites

We have tried to continue our exploration of Seattle and its outlying areas, but they weren't kidding about how much it rains here! A little update of recent activities:

  • Joe's parents came out from Yakima for a weekend visit. We had a fun time going out for seafood (my first time trying mussels, clams, and crabs) and visiting a great farmer's market in Ballard.
  • Joe had Veteran's Day off so we visited the outlet mall in Northbend, and Snoqualmie Falls. Joe and I have seen the falls several times, but it was a first for Madison and Hayes. We picked a bad day however, the rain and mist made it almost impossible to see the falls! So, maybe next time (the pictures are from this excursion).
  • My mom came to visit us this last weekend, and we had a great time. Joe's sister Melissa babysat the kids so that we could go to Andalucca, an upscale downtown restaurant that participates in a Seattle even where 30 restaurants charge $30 dollars for their swanky 3 course meals, to drum up business and attract new customers to their fine dining. Dinner was fantastic, but nothing could compare to the dessert! We also took my mom to Ikea, and anyone that has been to Ikea knows that it is a totally unique shopping experience! Apparently visitors are good luck because the weather here was perfect when my mom came, so if you are worried about the rain ruining a potential trip to visit your favorite Seattlites (the Deavers, of course) don't!
  • I have recently started running with some girls from my ward in the mornings. Our goal is a half-marathon in the spring. We run at six or seven a.m. (I know that no one actually believes that I can get up before nine, but it's true, ask Joe).

Monday, November 3, 2008


Madison and Hayes had a fun Halloween this year. Hayes dressed up as a cow and gave a loud "Moo!" when prompted. Madison was a "nice" witch. We did a trunk-or-treat at our church the weekend before, that was pretty fun. The night before Halloween we went to a Halloween party at the med school for families with kids. It was really fun, the kids loved playing with the other kids and med students. Halloween night was great. It was such a nice night, no rain! We went trick or treating around our apartment complex, and the kids got such a kick out of it. They love getting all of that candy. Hayes has been trying in the days following to covertly run up to our neighbors door, and we know that is looking to score some more candy!

Halloween night was also the fifth anniversary of my first date with Joe! Five years later, here we are marching our costumed kids around the block. Who would have thought. For our first date Joe made me a nice home cooked salmon dinner (one of my favorites) and we watched movies at his house and handed out candy to the little trickor treaters in Virginia. So to commemorate the evening this year Joe bought me dinner, we watched a movie at home, and handed out candy to the kids who came by our door. Definitely a fun Halloween!