Sunday, November 4, 2012

Busy Week

 Here are our little Halloween monsters.  Pierce was a little monster and Madison and Hayes were vampires.  We did some trick-or-treating and went to my Uncle's house for scones.  The kids definitely thought they scored with the candy and I let Pierce lick sugar and cinnamon off of my finger from the scones so he was happy.

 The Boise temple was recently remodeled and the open house is going on right now.  We went through this last week.  It was a great experience.  Hayes liked the mirrors in the sealing room and Madison loved all the chandeliers.

 Madison was baptized and confirmed Saturday night.  She did a great job preparing by reading the Book of Mormon this year.  We started January 1st and finished Friday night before her baptism so that she would be all ready!  We had a lot of family and friends come so it was a great experience.  We had nacho bar after the baptism to celebrate.  Nachos are one of Madison's favorite foods.

 We decided to wait and bless Pierce the same weekend as the baptism.  A mistake?  Maybe.  He is absolutely HUGE and his 0-3 month blessing outfit was straining to hold the rolls in.  My aunt said it had been awhile since she had seen such an old baby blessed (she thought he was like 4 months old), but no.  He is two months old and is quickly approaching the 18 lb. mark and is already wearing 6 month clothes.  He also has super-baby strength and was holding himself up and looking around.  He definitely did not look like a little newborn.


Stephanie said...

What a fun week! Congrats to madison!
Caden was also a gigantic 2 month old at his blessing, i had to undo all the snaps and buttons of his little outfit as soon as the blessing was over.

Anonymous said...

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